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Watch a watermelon survive a 150-foot fall thanks to a magical rubberized coating

Sometimes science means throwing a watermelon off a 150-foot tower.


Published Aug 31, 2016   Updated May 26, 2021, 3:16 am CDT

Science has brought us many advancements in the quality of our everyday lives, from breakthroughs in health to more efficient uses of electricity. But there’s a another, more subtle, beauty to science that we sometimes forget to celebrate: doing cool stuff to see what happens. YouTube’s How Ridiculous had a question they needed answered, so they dropped a watermelon off a 150-foot tall tower. Not just any watermelon mind you. This was an armored melon.

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How Ridiculous wanted to test out how effective spray-on truck liner would be at protecting a delicate object in an absurd situation. Accordingly, they coated a watermelon with Line-X, an incredibly tough spray-on lining for truck beds, and headed to the top of a tower. The melon technically survives the fall. Its rind proves mostly uncracked, but the same cannot be said for the poor insides of the melon. A fall from that height creates a mighty impact and inside of the poor melon is a nightmare. Its guts have almost entirely become dislodged, and it will never be a refreshing summer snack again.

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Still this counts as a success, and showcases the incredible strength of Line-X, which protected the body, if not the insides, of the watermelon with remarkable results. The How Ridiculous crew weren’t even able to open the melon up to check on its health without resorting to an industrial saw. Simply put, this stuff is strong as hell. We would respectfully like to ask for a moment of silence for this poor watermelon. It died in the name of science, a truly honorable pursuit.

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*First Published: Aug 31, 2016, 5:21 pm CDT