Republicans like Uber because young people do

Just like the service Uber provides, the GOP is using a vehicle to get into your pocket.


Micah Singleton


Published Aug 9, 2014   Updated May 30, 2021, 7:24 pm CDT

Amongst petitions to abolish the IRS and a lovely “American-made I Miss W.” T-shirt—yes, that is a real thing you can “contribute” $27 to get—the Republican National Committee’s website is trying to get young people to sign a petition “in support of innovative companies like Uber.” 

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Everyone’s favorite “I hate progress” group wants to support Uber, or get the young people that like Uber to support them. Pretty sure its the latter, seeing as soon as you sign the petition, it uses your information to send you an email asking you for money. Just like the service Uber provides, the GOP is using a vehicle to get into your pocket. In the pitch to get you to sign away your inbox to a lifetime of “traditional” emails, the GOP tries to tug at your heartstrings:

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Our country was built on the entrepreneurial spirit. Our cities deserve innovative and effective solutions without government getting in the way. That’s what innovative businesses like Uber provide. And that’s why our cities need Uber. But across the country, taxi unions and liberal government bureaucrats are setting up roadblocks, issuing strangling regulations and implementing unnecessary red tape to block Uber from doing business in their cities. We must stand up for our free market principles, entrepreneurial spirit and economic freedom.

Despite the fact that 90 percent of GOP members probably think Uber is some kind of German lunch meat, it is true that the car service is having trouble with taxi unions and local governments around the world. While there are issues that need to be resolved as Uber continues to expand, the GOP petition naturally offers no solution, or even a plan. 

All the GOP wants is your name, zip code, and email. Just give the GOP money, and Uber will be just fine, because this is the free market and Reagan would have wanted it that way. Don’t forget to wear your W. shirt to the next impeachment rally.

H/T Jalopnik | Photo via Uber

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*First Published: Aug 9, 2014, 4:38 pm CDT