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Truth Social won’t let you troll Trump with Alvin Bragg parody accounts

The person running a fake account said the site banned them.


Claire Goforth


The criminal case against former President Donald Trump has made New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg a national figure. Trump supporters hate him as much as his detractors love the man who filed 34 felony charges against the ex-president.

One person decided to use Bragg’s newfound celebrity to poke fun at Trump on his own social media platform. They created a Truth Social account with the handle @RealAlvinBragg earlier this month, which they used to troll Trump. Now they say Truth Social has permanently banned the account.

Twitter user @geargodd says they were behind the Bragg parody account. According to a screenshot @geargodd tweeted on Monday, the account’s bio said, “Thought I wouldn’t bitches! Don’t worry I’ll take good care of your cult ass orange clown….”

“Try me Maga ho’s, and you’ll be locked up with him. I got enough Grand Juries for all your asses! FINAL SCORE: Bragg 34, Trump 0.”

According to a screenshot @geargodd tweeted, they recently replied, “Bitch please,” to one of Trump’s posts complaining about Bragg.

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On Monday, @geargodd said, “I just got permanently banned on Truth Social for the FOURTH time. Something about my profile…”

@geargodd didn’t respond to a comment requesting an interview.

@geargodd previously tweeted that they snatch up handles for conservative commentators or their enemies whenever a new site launches. This is a fairly routine method of trolling or otherwise creating chaos online.

Until March, they had a Truth Social parody account for Attorney General Merrick Garland that used the handle @Fuckcult45.

The Garland parody account replied to Trump’s posts with comments like, “Just going through the boxes. JFC, how many dick pics did Putin send you?” and, “Quit your whining. You’re only looking at 100-150 years in prison. Fucking pussy!”

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In Body Image

The screenshots show that both the Bragg and Garland accounts were verified.

This seems to go against Truth Social’s guidelines. The platform says verification is “reserved for well known, highly searched VIPs,” and requires users to provide an official website confirming their identity, a valid ID, official email address, and announce on their verified Twitter or Instagram account that they’re on Truth Social.

The guidelines say that the platform is working on alternative ways to get verified, but doesn’t offer any further information.

The accounts are still live on Truth Social, but all the information in them appear to have been wiped. Neither has a profile photo, bio, or any posts, though their follower counts remain.

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