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Trump’s furor over national security leak… leaks

White House ‘rattled’ by Putin-reminder leak that could only from inner circle.


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Posted on Mar 21, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 9:02 pm CDT

President Donald Trump’s administration is upset about sensitive national security information being leaked to the Washington Post, according to people who leaked the information to several news outlets.

Yesterday, the Post reported Trump was warned by national security advisers to not congratulate Vladimir Putin on his election win this week, which many believe was politically corrupt. According to the Post, Trump was given notes that said “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” before the call.

Now, the White House is livid that someone with knowledge of that would have spoken to the media.

Trump’s chief of staff himself is reportedly angry.

According to Axios, the leak has left Trump and staff “rattled” because it could have only come from a small group of people.

“The speed and sensitivity of the leak prompted immediate finger-pointing within the administration, as aides reeled from a leak that could only have come from a small group of people, each of whom is trusted with sensitive national secrets.”

Another official called the leak an illegal, fireable offense.

 That, of course, is coming from an anonymous source, so take it how you will.

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*First Published: Mar 21, 2018, 6:13 pm CDT