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Trump supporters sue to block Wisconsin vote recount

The suit follows similar efforts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.


Andrew Couts


Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday night filed a federal lawsuit to block Wisconsin’s vote recount, the Associated Press reports. 

The lawsuit, filed by Great America PAC, the Stop Hillary PAC, and Ronald R. Johnson, a Wisconsin voter, requests Wisconsin authorities block the recount effort requested by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein

The suit argues that the recount effort could create errors as election officials rush to meet the Dec. 13 deadline, potentially disenfranchising voters like Johnson. 

Trump won Wisconsin by 22,177 votes over Democrat Hillary Clinton, earning the Republican the state’s 10 electoral votes. 

Stein also requested recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. On Thursday, the Trump campaign requested election officials block recount efforts in both those states on the grounds that it is based on nothing more than speculation of voter fraud and not concrete evidence. Michigan’s attorney general has also filed a lawsuit to block the recount effort.

Unlike Pennsylvania and Michigan, Wisconsin’s recount has already begun. Few expect the recount effort to result in a win for Clinton if it does proceed. 

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