Trump's newest fundraising message is a little too suggestive on main

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People thought Trump’s newest fundraising text was him trying to get down

But he’s just selling a MAGA shirt.


Tricia Crimmins


Former President Donald Trump’s campaign texted voters yesterday and the way the message clipped had people thinking Trump was getting horny on main.

Users online shared images of their inbox with the comment, “what are you wearing?”

When they opened the text, they saw that the message was from the Trump campaign with a link to buy a Make America Great Again T-shirt.

“What are you wearing?” the message read. “It’s Trump and I’m wearing my BRAND NEW MAGA shirt! Do you want one?”

The phrase “what are you wearing” is commonly known as one that might initiate sexting and has been heavily memed.

Screenshots of the message were posted on X by user @jardinsecret888.

Another X user, @InfoWarsMan007, posted that he, too, had received a text from Trump’s fundraising committee asking him what he was wearing.

Texts from political campaigns have increased in the last few years: During the 2022 election cycle, Axios reported that Americans got over 15 billion political texts, which was a 158% increase from the previous year. And in February, Republican National Committee spokesperson Anna Kelly said sending text messages to “engage small-dollar donors” is an important tactic.

But Americans are getting annoyed with those messages, especially those that pretend politicians are having a personal conversation with the reader or try to communicate a sense of urgency.

But acting like you are trying to get down is somehow even worse.

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