pro-Trump boaters on a lake in Texas


A ‘Trump Boat Parade’ in Texas led to multiple sunken boats, distress calls

'Hello, I’d like to report an excessively on-the-nose metaphor in progress.'

Sep 5, 2020, 4:57 pm



Mikael Thalen

Numerous boats in Texas sank on Saturday during a “Trump Boat Parade” on Lake Travis.

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The event, which was organized on Facebook, called on participants to "make a statement" by adorning their boats "in patriotic colors" while flying "as many Trump flags as she can handle."

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While it's uncertain how many boats came, the event page for the Trump Boat Parade states that over 2,600 people were in attendance.

Not long after the event started, reports began coming in about large wakes due to the significant presence on the water.

At least four boats are believed to have taken on water, causing those onboard to either flee or wait for rescue.

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The Travis County Sheriff’s Office says it dispatched rescue services to the scene after multiple distress calls were made. No serious injuries were reported.

As you'd expect, the bizarre incident immediately led to widespread ridicule online.

Many argued that the sinking boats were a perfect representation of the president's reelection campaign.

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“Hello, I’d like to report an excessively on-the-nose metaphor in progress," @jbarro said.

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The official Twitter account for Trump's reelection campaign even praised boat parades, seemingly unaware of the disastrous outcome.

"Saturdays are for the boat parades," the account tweeted.

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Hashtags including #Dumbkirk, a reference to an event during WWII, also became trending topics on Twitter as well.

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Of course, conservatives didn't find the accident quite as funny. One Trump fan even concocted a laughable conspiracy theory by suggesting that the boats were taken down by "terrorists."

"The likelihood of all of these boats sinking at the Trump Boat Parade by accident is microscopic," @CarmineSabia said of the four boats. "We are dealing with terrorists."

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Many began mocking such claims by joking that Democrats or "antifa" had actually caused the boats to sink.

"IInvisible missiles from Antifa Airlines plane sunk Trump rally boats today," @ BionicMD said. "The Antifa plane is real!"

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The event in Texas was just one of several held all across the country on Saturday.

Incredibly, this is not the first time that a pro-Trump boat parade has led to sunken vessells.

A boat on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon sunk just last month after an influx of pro-Trump boaters created unstable conditions on the water.

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*First Published: Sep 5, 2020, 4:57 pm