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TikToker finds a ‘UFO’ in her backyard—commenters see a disturbing blinking eye in it

Some people see it.


Siobhan Ball


Posted on Aug 6, 2021   Updated on Aug 6, 2021, 2:21 pm CDT

TikToker @allymurray222 caught the attention of conspiracy theory TikTok when she posted about a “UFO” she found in her backyard. Now, some people claim to have seen a blinking eye inside it.

In the video, Ally stands in the middle of a forest, which is part of her backyard. She says it extends for miles, which is why she’s only just found the UFO, which seems to have been there a while. It’s invited conspiracy theorists on TikTok to help her identify what it is. The look is distinctly like a UFO from a children’s cartoon. It’s the classic broader in the middle disc, all in a shade of greyish beige. But it’s also small enough that aliens would have to be only a few inches tall to fit inside it. Even the hatches look like what you’d expect from a classic aliens-come-to-earth movie.


Reply to @laurensalvesen I think it’s a bunker or something?? Someone tell me what that hole is for tho

♬ original sound – Ally

In a second video, Ally clarifies that the object is surrounded by nothing but trees for a mile on all sides and that it’s attached to the ground. Despite its supposed isolation, at least one person had already found it and painted a mushroom on the side.

Ally also showed her viewers the inside of the object, filled with rocks and water and a mystery hole on one side that she asks viewers to help her identify. Her theory on the object was that it was a bunker of some kind, but viewers have also suggested the top of a silo or water tower, a closed-up mine, an old satellite dish, and even the prop from a movie.

It's so you can store water for the cattle
Y'all its just an old dish for internet/phone
It's a prop for a movie I live here hun

One commenter claimed to know exactly what it was: a fake UFO made from two satellites welded together. Apparently, she knows several people who make them and leave them around in order to “mess with people”.

It's two giant satellites welded together. I've known people who took them after they stopped being useful and welded them together to mess with people.

Reply to @veggie.reggie.id #ufo I move next week, so I want to know what this is

♬ original sound – Ally

By the third video, however, things started to get a little strange(r) as some people claimed to see a blinking eye under the hole that Ally points to with a stick.

It’s freaked out commenters.

Did y'all not see the eyeball in the water open then close????
I seen that it was open for a while after she pointed with a stick the thing closed or whatever

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ally and will update if she responds.

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*First Published: Aug 6, 2021, 11:51 am CDT