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‘Talk about low morale’: Viral TikTok shows how Amazon worker has to hide wearing AirPods at work

‘You’re really not allowed to wear AirPods?’


Mikael Thalen


An alleged Amazon employee has stirred debate on TikTok after revealing how he hides his AirPods while working at one of the company’s warehouses.

In a video that has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, TikTok user @abyahdig details how his face covering allows him to covertly wear his AirPods while on the job.

“If you wanna make your time go by faster especially working for 11hrs don’t snitch on me,” the user wrote.


The footage appeared to catch many users off guard, unaware that some Amazon employees were barred from listening to music. While policies can differ from location to location, many warehouse workers are not permitted to listen to music while on the job.

“You’re really not allowed to wear AirPods?” one commenter asked. “Man talk about low moral.”

Other alleged Amazon employees began weighing in as well and even claimed that the mask worn by the TikTok user wasn’t allowed either.

“Nah we can’t wear that type of mask at my warehouse,” one user responded.

“Yeah they don’t let you [wear] those type of face masks,” another added.

Alleged employees also discussed how they are searched by security staff before walking onto the warehouse floor.

[S]ecurity at our Amazon checks for this!” one person said. “[B]e careful people.”

Numerous users suggested that the TikTok user get a job with UPS instead.

“Work at UPS they pay just as good and don’t give af if you listen to music,” one user said.

It turns out that the music topic has long been an issue for Amazon workers. Numerous threads on Reddit detail how different employees sneak in headphones, while some articles even suggest that workers purchase bluetooth beanies.

The Daily Dot reached out to @abyahdig and Amazon to inquire about the viral video but did not receive replies by press time.

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