tesla 2d car

Photo via Burnie Burns/Twitter

Watch this Tesla be transformed into a car straight out of a video game

This looks amazing.


Josh Katzowitz


Burnie Burns says he’s not much of a car guy, but at some point in his life, he decided he’d had enough of driving low-end cars and decided to buy a Tesla P90D, a ride he says he loves.

But in order to make it stand out on the road, the Rooster Teeth co-founder recently was inspired by a purse bought by his wife from a company called Jump From Paper, which makes 3D items look 2D.

Burns thought his car would look cool that way. So, here’s how he got his Tesla to stop looking like every other Tesla on the road and to make it start looking like it drove out of a video game. Or, at the very least, from an A-ha music video.

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