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6 signs it’s time to get a new phone

A mobile phone should be, well, mobile.


Scott Muskra


Posted on Aug 12, 2020   Updated on Aug 12, 2020, 12:29 pm CDT

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Sometimes it can be hard to let go of an old cellphone—to admit that it’s time to move on and finally upgrade to a more modern and advanced device. 

And we get it. Your phone is likely to be a big part of your life. The two of you have probably been through a lot together. But as hard as it may be to say goodbye, it’s important to pay attention to the signs that it’s time for a new and improved mobile device. Your mobile experience will be all the better for it.

Here are a few of the signs that will help let you know it’s time for a new phone. And if you find yourself in the market for one, Straight Talk Wireless offers the best deals on the best plans and networks that work for you and your needs—without the contract and compromise.

1) You have it plugged it into a charger more often than not

A mobile phone should be, well, mobile. 

If you find yourself constantly searching for a charger or a place to plug your phone in, or if it’s constantly tethered to that portable charger that has essentially become an extra technological limb for your device, it’s time for a new phone. It’s unfortunate, but a good battery only lasts so long (and through so many charges) before it starts to drop in quality and endurance.

Because you know what? You deserve to feel the freedom of a truly mobile phone that can get you through your day (and night) on a single charge. 

2) Your operating system is outdated and you’re unable to update to the latest

You can get by for a while with your phone being unable to update to the newest operating system offered by your provider or carrier, but those days are always numbered. 

Eventually, a new operating system will come out that won’t be compatible with your (sorry to say it) antiquated device, or with your favorite apps, and then you’ll find yourself in a situation where you either stop moving with the times and sacrifice on function and quality, or you upgrade and update.

Just imagine being able to queue up the latest versions of your favorite apps without any kind of hassle and then have them run speedily and seamlessly. It’s the little things, you know?

3) Your photos look like they were taken with a Polaroid

Chances are, you take a lot more photos with your phone than you do with an actual camera. If you really stop to think about it, your phone can be—and probably is—a really important element to not only capturing memories you’ll never want to forget, but to sharing them with family and friends through social media. 

So if your phone’s picture-taking quality isn’t up to your aesthetic standards, it’s probably time to explore all the options you have out there to take your amateur photography up to the next level.

You want the photograph to be about the memory not the poor quality of the image itself.

4) Your screen looks like a spider web

There are very few among us who haven’t cracked a phone screen at some point in our lives. It’s almost like a rite of passage for regular users. We’re all fallible and drop things. Accidents happen. And many of us with cracked screens have learned to live with them—but eventually, they can get so bad that they get in the way of your being able to see or read what’s on your screen. A spider-webbed screen can even give you little splinters from errant shards if you swipe a finger or thumb over the cracked areas too quickly. 

Going from a cracked menagerie to a clear screen is an amazing feeling.

5) Your phone moves at a glacial pace

The more your phone lags and the slower it is, the more frustrated you’re eventually going to get—regardless of your emotional attachment to your phone or if you’re worried about being able to afford a new one on a plan that fits your needs (something Straight Talk Wireless is happy to help with). 

6) Your contract is almost up

When your contract with your chosen wireless provider is about to come to an end, you’ll have some decisions to make. It’s the perfect opportunity to not only upgrade to a new phone but to examine the many options you have to get the coverage you want and need while staying within the budget you have set aside for your new mobile device.

Did you know you could get a new phone without the hassle or commitment through Straight Talk Wireless?


No compromise, just common sense. Whether you need a new phone, plan or both, you can get it with absolutely no contract. Straight Talk offers the best deals on the best plans that work for you and your needs, all without a contract.

With Straight Talk, you get the best networks in America for less with appealing offers on phones from the brands you’ve known and trusted for years. So if you want to try something new or stick with the brand you know, Straight Talk will help you save money and get everything you need in wireless—without the compromise.

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*First Published: Aug 12, 2020, 10:48 am CDT