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Here’s how to find a full list of voice commands for Siri and OK Google

You’ll never have to type or tap to search again.


Jam Kotenko


Looking up stuff on the interwebs is now part of everyday life. While simply typing and tapping your various searches onto your web browser can get the job done, it’s pretty hard to do when you’re say, walking on a busy street or driving on the freeway. That’s where Siri or Google voice recognition come in.

For the casual user, though, availing your device’s voice-activated assistant can be a confusing ordeal, especially if you have no idea what phrases to use. Rather than wasting time repeating yourself constantly because Siri or Google can’t understand you, you can use these websites as an collected list of commands, giving you guidance no matter what platform your phone uses.

If you’ve got an iPhone, Hey Siri will hook you up with almost 500 commands you can utter, including over a thousand variations on the phrases themselves. You can find out what to say—in either English or German—to do things like convert kilometers to miles, calculate 20 percent of your total bill, launch apps, and fiddle with your phone’s settings, among other things. You can even ask, “Why is your name Siri?” and be given an unexpected answer. Commands are conveniently filed into 35 categories, so you can easily look for the command you need. You can also search commands by keyword.

OK Google is similarly designed to provide Android aficionados a list of command formats. The site also has a search function and an extensive list of phrases. It currently has over 150 commands and over a thousand variations sorted into 25 categories, including a list of the many Easter eggs Google developers have integrated into their search engine.

With these two guides, you can quickly learn all the right words to say to make Siri and Google your digital homie and make it easier for you to do the most important tasks.



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