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Rudy Giuliani’s new argument: ‘Collusion is not a crime’

This may be the White House’s new argument.


David Covucci


In his Fox & Friends interview, Rudy Giuliani on Monday presented his latest take on the Trump campaign’s possible coordination with the Russian government: Collusion, with a foreign power, to win an election, is “not a crime.”

Giuliani is correct.

Numerous legal scholars have chimed in to note that “collusion” is not a charge that could be filed against the president’s associates. Collusion, however, is a catch-all phrase that refers to a whole host of crimes that members of Trump’s campaign could be charged with, namely criminal conspiracy to “to defraud the United States.”

It’s an entirely semantic argument, but it’s notable because it’s one that diverges from the claim the president has frequently been making for several years now. That there is “no collusion.”

It is one of the president’s favorite phrases to tweet, but with the latest news, that his former fixer Michael Cohen claims the president was aware of the Trump Tower meeting with Russian nationals, it’s one that’s starting to lose credence and could soon change.

Giuliani has, in recent times, foreshadowed the president’s thinking and Twiter feed. Back in June, Giuliani shocked everyone by claiming the president had the ability to pardon himself.

The next day, Trump made the very same claim.

Don’t be shocked if there is a “collusion is not a crime” tweet Tuesday morning from the president.

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