A reporter telling a Trump supporter to f**ck off

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Reporter says he told Trump fan to ‘buzz off,’ not ‘f*ck off’ after broadcast goes viral

Biden supporters are heralding the reporter as a hero.


Mikael Thalen


A reporter is going viral online for his confrontation with a Trump supporter who asked him if he was “fake news.”

Footage of the incident, which was originally posted to TikTok, made its way to Twitter on Saturday, where it racked up nearly 2 million views.


In the clip, Alex Zdan, a politics reporter for News12NJ, is interrupted by the Trump fan who asks whether he is with the “real news or fake news.”

Seemingly annoyed by the question, Zdan, who was covering the announcement that Democratic candidate Joe Biden was projected to win the 2020 election, responded with a simple phrase.

“Buzz off,” Zdan said with a smirk.

The Trump supporter, who appeared confused by the exchange, was eventually shuffled out of frame.

While many viewers thought they heard Zdan say “f*ck off,” the reporter corrected the record on Twitter.

“So THAT’S what it’s like to go viral…” Zdan tweeted on Saturday afternoon. “Look I appreciate the social media love, but I told the guy behind me to BUZZ off when he interrupted me live on @news12.”

“But please respect members of the press who are doing their jobs, and telling your stories,” he added.

Regardless, Biden supporters are celebrating Zdan for shutting the man down.

“Sure sex is cool but have you ever watched an on-air journalist yell FUCK OFF to a MAGA loser and then grin at the camera?!?!” @kateschatz said.


Despite the viral attention, Zdan has carried on as usual, declining to comment on the encounter on his Twitter page. It does not appear that News12NJ has weighed in on the matter either.

Twitter users are hopeful, however, that the exchange won’t lead to any repercussions for Zdan.

The clip comes as Biden supporters take to the streets to celebrate the end of Trump’s presidency.

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