the Pete Buttigieg shuffle


Here’s how to do the Pete Buttigieg-Panic! at the Disco dance

Yes, it’s real.


David Covucci



You didn’t know Pete Buttigieg had a Panic! at the Disco dance? Lol of course he did. Because the hip millennial mayor has “high hopes” for the country (Medicare for some, modest gun reform proposals, incrementalism across the board). As such, he’s been coming out to rallies around the country to Panic! at the Disco’s “High Hopes.”

And when he comes out—or when the song comes out—and you’re at the Pete Buttigieg rally, you do the Pete Buttigieg dance.

Ready? Here’s how it goes, according to a campaign organizer:

“You kinda like a push, down to the right, and then down to the left, and then up to the right, and up to the left, and then you do the same thing, but you do a roll to the right, roll to the left, roll up to the right, and roll up to the left. and then you do two claps … and then you go back and forth, just up in the air.”

Excellent. This is how we beat Trump.

Here’s a video just in case you don’t already want to die.

Can’t wait for the entire nation to be forced to perform this at the inauguration.

Buttigieg is currently polling fourth in the 2020 race but is just going around claiming he’s polling second.


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