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PayPal shuts out Alex Jones, InfoWars for ‘promotion of hate and discrimination’

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PayPal delivered the most recent blow to Alex Jones and his InfoWars brand on Thursday night. The online payment platform is the latest among tech companies such as Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to ban Jones from using their platforms to spread his conspiracy theories.

PayPal processes all transactions for the InfoWars online store, the New York Times reports. But on Thursday, PayPal gave InfoWars a 10-day notice to find a new company to handle online payments, including supporter donations.

Given what a pariah InfoWars has become in the tech industry, that may be easier said than done.

In addition to Infowars merchandise and apparel, the online store sells various products labeled as vitamins and nutrient supplements and is a significant source of revenue for the company, according to the Times.

PayPal told the Times that it’s cutting ties with InfoWars not over a specific policy violation but because its general “promotion of hate and discrimination runs counter to our core value of inclusion.”

InfoWars’ viewership has been hurt by its various social media bans, and the loss of the mechanism by which the website makes a profit could certainly cause lasting damage.

Far-right Republicans are unlikely to take PayPal’s decision lying down. Many conservatives, including President Donald Trump, have been outspoken against other steps taken against InfoWars. Next week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will meet with Republican state attorney generals to discuss free speech in regards to tech companies.

The Times reports that Amazon and eBay are still allowing InfoWars to sell merchandise since those payments do not go through PayPal.

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