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The upcoming FCC emergency alert test is sparking a panic on TikTok

Theories abound.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Oct 3, 2023   Updated on Oct 4, 2023, 7:26 am CDT

The FCC is planning a national test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on cell phones at 1:20pm CT on Oct. 4 and TikTok is full of speculation about what the alert will herald, pointing to movies and television clips seeming to predict something going down on that day.

One popular TikTok posted on Monday compiled some movie clips where emergency alerts heralded the beginning of epidemics, zombie invasions, and other disasters.

“Just some movies that ‘could be’ tied to what ‘they’ are doing to us. WE LIVE IN A #MOVIE,” @primal_dad_truther captioned the video.

One clip in the compilation was from Cell, a 2016 movie starring John Cusack where a signal broadcast over an international cell phone network turns anybody using a cell phone into a possessed killer. The clip, which appeared in other TikTok compilations, shows cell phone users convulsing wildly in pain and agony as the signal is broadcast.


Another TikTok shows an interview between Seth Holehouse, who hosts a show on Rumble called ManInAmerica, and Todd Callender, detailing a theory that the emergency update will broadcast frequencies that activate latent Marburg pathogens in vaccinated people.

“We’ve got whistle blowers, including a female one, who said look, they’ve already done this test in other countries, I was there, you can’t opt out or turn your device off, it’s still going to go off, Callender said. “Some people had them in Faraday cages and they still went off—what does that mean? Well a Faraday cage blocks out microwave signals but it doesn’t block out all the signals.”

“That’s the concerning part,” Callender continued. “What do these frequencies do and why are they doing this all at one time everywhere?”


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In another interview on a show called The Prather Point, Callender warned about an incoming Marburg pandemic and quarantine camps to isolate infected people.

“We know the mechanism by which this will be released, and that is, inside of these shots that people already received,” Callender said. “Inside the liquid nano-particles, the hydro-gel, there exist pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric … we know that upon the broadcast from the 5G system that is now deployed across the United States, the world for that matter, when they broadcast an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute three different times as a pulse, it will cause those nano-particles to swell and release the pathogenic contents, thereby causing a Marburg epidemic.”

A lot of the theories being shared on TikTok trace back to 5G conspiracy videos posted on Rumble. One video posted by Libertarian99 over two weeks ago is titled “WARNING! WILL THE OCTOBER 4TH EMERGENCY TEXT ALERT TRIGGER A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE???” and runs through a lot of themes the TikToks hit, including the reference to the movie Cell, and the idea that the supposed zombie outbreak will be easy to hide with Halloween coming up and a lot of people wearing zombie costumes anyway.

TikTokers reacted with varying degrees of worry and mockery to the theories.

“Bruh I just had surgery on my foot imma die can’t even run,” one said.

“They’re testing the alarm, so they can fake a virus virus alert,” said another.

“I got work tomorrow too,” complained one.

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*First Published: Oct 3, 2023, 4:55 pm CDT