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Here’s how you can help build a missle

Help make history. Or rather, repeat it.


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Paul and Aaron Schaefer and Michael Gunter call themselves rocket builders and they are putting together “one of the coolest projects ever.” Schaefer and Gunter have created a Kickstarter campaign called the “Nike Ajax Project” to help them gather funds so they can recreate the Nike Ajax missile. The missile comes from Project Nike, which was the world’s first surface to air missile program that was proposed as a defense system for the United States in 1945.

Over the years Schaefer has constructed several smaller versions of the rocket, but now will they attempt to build a full scale model. They will also build a mobile launch platform and a half scale missile.

The half scale model measures 17 feet and the full scale will measure over 30 feet. 

Kickstarter/Paul & Aaron Schaefer, Michael Gunter

Since this rocket will be recovered, the entire construction of it must be redesigned.

Kickstarter/Paul & Aaron Schaefer, Michael Gunter

The team will even make their own rocket fuel. 

Kickstarter/Paul & Aaron Schaefer, Michael Gunter

Once they complete the construction of the rocket they plan on traveling around the U.S. with their project and will launch the rockets at several locations. There is a little over three weeks left in this campaign and though the “rewards” for donating are less of a reward than other Kickstarter campaigns, it’s for science and who doesn’t love to see a rocket launch

Photo via jurvetson/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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