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Nick Fuentes says hackers claiming to be IDF cyber squad are to blame for adult male videos appearing on his stream

‘Easily disprovable nonsense.’


Katherine Huggins


Far-right commentator Nick Fuentes wants you to know that he wasn’t responsible for the gay porn that showed up at the end of his livestream on Friday.

The X-rated content appeared after Fuentes signed off for the night, following his commentary on the backlash Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker continues to face after suggesting women’s most important role is that of homemaker.

“My proprietary livestreaming site was hacked after my stream went offline by someone claiming to be IDF Unit 8200,” Fuentes claimed in response. “The hacker took credit by watermaking the porn and leaving messages on the back end of the site. Easily disprovable nonsense.”

Fuentes is a well-known white nationalist provocateur who has made numerous racist and antisemitic statements. He has vocally criticized Israel’s war in Gaza, but for reasons that play into antisemitic tropes about Jews’ power.

“I don’t merely oppose Israel’s current actions, I also reject Rabbinical Judaism and organized Jewish influence in general,” Fuentes wrote on Saturday and stated last week he does not recognize Israel “because the Jews do not recognize the Lord Jesus Christ.”

In a statement, Fuentes said the hacker “targeted a vulnerability” in his platform Cozy, which is why the gay porn “did not appear live on Rumble or in the replay VOD on either Rumble or Cozy.”

Fuentes also conceded that although the hacker alleged ties to the Israeli Defense Forces, they are “most likely not Israeli intelligence.”

He noted the gay porn that was shown included a watermark and Telegram handle that was recently changed to “Am Yisrael Chai” in Hebrew but was originally called something else.

The hack, however, has prompted Fuentes’ followers to espouse antisemitic rhetoric while blaming the hack on Jewish people.

“Typical jew behavior spreading lowgrade already debunked propaganda. Common L” wrote one X account.

But other critics mocked Fuentes in the wake of the hack.

“Nick Fuentes streamed gay porn last night on his show. Now the GAYPERS are claiming it was a mossad hack!” wrote ex-Rep. George Santos, referencing Fuentes’ white nationalist “Groyper” following. “For the love of god! GAYPERS JUST ACCEPT YOUR ZADDY FUENTS IS A HOMO!”

After Fuentes’ statement about the hack, Santos still doubled down, writing: “I can do this all day… Nick is always ‘hacked’ with gay porn and it’s always the ‘Jews’ fault.”

“Strangely enough the Jews were also responsible for it when his parents caught him watching it multiple times as a young adult,” quipped another user.

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