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White nationalist Nick Fuentes is upset MTV aired his white nationalist views

Nick Fuentes says MTV misled him.


Zachary Petrizzo


Posted on Dec 11, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 8:43 pm CDT

Nick Fuentes, an “alt-right” YouTube political commentator, was given airtime by MTV, where he spoke with a former Ku Klux Klan member.

In a new documentary White Supremacy Destroyed My Life, former KKK member Shane Johnson called out Fuentes on the beliefs espoused on his YouTube show, America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes, saying they resemble the views of hate groups. 

Fuentes is frequently referred to as a white nationalist and a member of the alt-right, the loose collection of conservatives that harbor neo-Nazi views. It’s a charge he denies.

“He’s not doing anything different then any of us done, but different clothes … he’s preaching a very extreme message … he could ruin a lot of people’s lives,” Johnson stated in reference to Fuentes’ beliefs.

The hour-long documentary featured two stories of families affected by white supremacy, covering how online hate against people of color can lead to violence in the real world.

Leading up to the five-minute segment of the documentary where Johnson and Fuentes sit down, the crew at MTV follows Fuentes in Chicago, where he seeks to troll a rally hosted by the gun reform organization “Moms Demand Action.” 

One person, while walking to the rally, yells at Fuentes, who is wearing a MAGA hat, to “Get the fuck out of our city.” Fuentes retorts to what sounds like a woman, “She should get the fuck back in the kitchen.” 

“We’ll get the Periscope working,” Fuentes stated while at the rally, saying that “people want to see conflict, so we’re going shoot it up here—on Twitter, poor turn of phrase.” 

MTV posted promotional clips of the documentary to Twitter.

In the sitdown between Johnson and Fuentes, Johnson compared Fuentes views directly to those of the KKK, while arguing the only difference is that Fuentes followers wear ties. The KKK, which Johnson was once part of, wore hoods and robes. 

“If you believe that your race is superior over other people,” Johnson said.

“You have differences between the races,” Fuentes declared.

“The shit your saying now is the same shit we said, you guys are wearing suits, we wore robes,” Johnson said. 

“Every other race can be proud to be who they are except for white people,” Fuentes claims in refuting Johnson’s characterization of him being a racist. 

At the end of the interview, the production team cuts to Johnson stating that Fuentes is “smart enough to see he is spreading racist ideology and there are people buying it, he can do some damage, he is preaching a very extreme message.” 

In response last night, Fuentes says that he was set up by MTV and led to believe the production was for a different show on young political activists. 

Fuentes, in a stream last night, refuted the entire MTV segment, billing it all as a smear campaign against him.

Fuentes said the footage was shot over two years ago.

YouTube hasn’t responded to a request for comment from the Daily Dot about Fuentes’ channel on their platform.

Spotify, which also allows for Fuentes’ talk show to be on their platform, did not return a request for comment from the Daily Dot. 

Fuentes is currently on Twitter with over 75,000 followers. 


After the documentary, MTV said they intend to partner with the ADL to work toward eliminating online hate by facing white supremacy head-on. 

This appearance comes as a fellow “Groyper” and alt-right congressional candidate Pete D’Abrosca, who has praised the American Identity Movement (formerly Identity Evropa), appeared on the Tucker Carlson to declare the needs for an “immigration moratorium.” 

You can watch the entire documentary here.


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*First Published: Dec 11, 2019, 11:37 am CST