This music producer’s business card can be turned into a distortion pedal

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kurt ballou

Photo via Lambgoat

Kurt Ballou is one of the most respected producers is metal, and his business card lives up to that reputation.

Business cards are great for winning an occassional free lunch, but unfortunately too many wind up discarded and ignored. But what if you could flip your business cards into something valuable?

Kurt Ballou, music producer and guitarist for the celebrated metal band Converge, made his business card a distortion pedal.

The card is a printed circuit board that can be used to build a working distortion pedal Ballou calls the “Brutalist Jr.” With around $40-50 in parts, the ability to follow directions, and some welding skills you’ll have your own little death metal distortion pedal in no time. 

But you won’t be able to order this little wonder: The only way to get the card is to see Ballou on the street or at a show.

Brutalist Jr is a mini version of a fully realized guitar pedal that Ballou will be releasing in 2017. Until then you’ll have to go to a metal show to get your hands on one. 

Bring ear plugs, Converge plays loud.

H/T Lambgoat

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