firefox focus

Photo via Mozilla


If you wish your mobile browsers were simple, free of trackers, tabs, popups, and menus, you’re not alone. Mozilla shares your feelings, which is why it developed the just-released Firefox Focus. Firefox Focus is a fast, free, and simple mobile browser for iOS that combines private browsing with powerful ad, social, and content tracker blocking.

Use it for all of your sensitive searches or to simply get a faster browsing experience. Firefox Focus allows you to turn on or off whatever kind of tracking you want, allowing you to customize your experience to your personal needs.

If you don’t want to stop using Safari, Firefox Focus’s Tracking Protection features can also carry over to work in Safari. If you find a site that won’t open without allowing tracking, the app makes it easy to quickly open your current site in either browser.

You can pick up Firefox Focus for free right now in the App Store

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