Mom freaks out to VR

Screengrab via Megan Kelly


In the commercials for Samsung’s Gear VR, strapping on a virtual reality headset looks totally normal, like something you can casually do in public while you’re hanging out with some friends. But in actual really, when you strap in, you’re more likely to look like this mom who practically falls out of her chair as she freaks the fuck out riding Rilix Coaster

According to Megan Kelley, who uploaded the video to YouTube, her family has spent a lot of time over the last month in the intensive care unit, as her father waited for a double organ transplant. 

He finally had surgery recently, and this clip was filmed in the early morning hours before he was brought in. It was meant to help take her mom’s mind off things, while it certainly worked, might we recommend a more relax experience next time, like a trip to Mars or Westeros next time? 

Either way, our thoughts are with the family. 

H/T Reddit

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