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You can now apply for a job at McDonald’s using Snapchat

Millennials are loving it.


Josh Katzowitz


If you want to attract teenagers and millennials to work for your company, you’ve got to speak their language. That’s apparently why McDonald’s will now allow potential employees in Australia to apply for jobs using Snapchat.

As noted by, applicants can send to the restaurant’s @Maccas account a 10-second video, using a new McDonald’s-themed filter that puts the Snapchat user in a work uniform.

“It certainly won’t replace a thorough face-to-face interview, but we’ll obviously take it into account,” McDonald’s Australia CEO Shaun Ruming told the website. “We’re looking for that positivity, bubbly personality, someone we think would be good in a customer service role. Based on [the snaps] my daughter sends to her friends, you do get a bit of a glimpse.”

The campaign is called “Snaplications.” It came about because Ruming said McDonald’s is the largest employer of youths in Australia and the company noticed that many of its employees were using the app anyway.

What ultimately pushed McDonald’s to team up with the social media powerhouse?

Said Ruming: “I’ve learnt a lot about Snapchat recently from my 14-year-old daughter.”

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