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‘Some woman in Ukraine is carrying [her] child’: Lindsay Lohan’s pregnancy photoshoot prompts unfounded human trafficking accusations

You can’t do hard drugs for decades and then still be fertile in your late thirties.’


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A conspiracy theory making its way across social media claims that actress Lindsay Lohan isn’t actually pregnant and is planning to keep up the ruse by trafficking a child from Ukraine.

In a post on her social media accounts last week, the visibly pregnant Mean Girls star shared a photograph of herself inside her nursery.

While much of the internet reacted with joy to the 36-year-old’s picture, conspiracy theorists instead accused the actress of lying.

On Twitter, a right-wing writer known as Megha argued that Lohan was actually wearing a prosthetic and wasn’t able to get pregnant due to her history of drug abuse.

“She’s not pregnant. She’s wearing a moon bump. You can’t do hard drugs for decades and then still be fertile in your late thirties,” the user wrote. “Some woman in Ukraine is carrying a child she will human traffic in a few months.”

Conspiracy theories surrounding pregnancy are not uncommon. Numerous celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Meghan Markle have similarly been accused of faking their pregnancies.

Yet the latest claim appeals not only to those fascinated with celebrity culture but to believers in QAnon, who often exaggerate and water down the very real issue of child trafficking with absurd conspiracy theories.

Luckily for Lohan, the claims do not appear to be sticking, at least so far. The vast majority of responses to Megha’s unfounded claims are aimed at mocking and condemning the conspiracy theory.

“Accusing a woman of faking her pregnancy just because she used to do drugs is a braindead and insensitive take,” one user responded. “It also shows how you know nothing about fertility.”

Others similarly remarked that Megha’s claims were not even remotely sound from a medical standpoint.

“Having been married to someone who does prenatal care for almost a decade now, gotta say you’re talking out your ass here,” another added.

Lohan first announced that she was expecting her first baby with husband Bader Shammas in March.

The star of The Parent Trap has also been accused by conspiracy theorists of having a secret twin that has since died, despite the actress having no such sibling.

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