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Kim Dotcom dodges jail before U.S. extradition hearing

No jail for the “broke” Internet tycoon—at least not yet.


Kevin Collier


Larger than life Internet tycoon and Mega founder Kim Dotcom has finally caught a break: The U.S. just lost a bid to get him in jail before his next hearing.

Dotcom faces a slew of charges from the U.S., largely related to mass copyright infringement over his previous cloud storage site, Megaupload. In 2012, government troops led a helicopter raid on his New Zealand mansion, setting off a still-ongoing series of legal battles. 

Dotcom is currently free on bail, though he does have a looming extradition hearing in 2015 that will determine if he’ll face trial in the U.S.

But an Aukland court found Monday that he was not actually a flight risk, and that he won’t have to go to jail to await that hearing. He will, however, have to meet with police twice a week, and is forbidden from riding around in a helicopter.

Dotcom announced Wednesday that he was “broke” from legal fights. He wrote on Twitter that his next court battle is an attempt to sue for $2 billion for government destruction of Megaupload.

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