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Hundreds of people actually voted Kanye

‘Ye is actually getting more votes than anticipated.


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Well, folks. It’s officially the evening of Nov. 3, and we’re in the goddamn thick of it. Florida has gone to President Donald Trump, at the time of this writing, but several swing states are still in play. And things are looking cautiously optimistic for former Vice President Joe Biden. Among the many looming questions on everyone’s minds, it seems safe to say that absolutely no one is wondering how independent candidate Kanye West is faring in all of this.

Because West failed to qualify for the ballot in his home states of Wyoming, on Tuesday afternoon he shared photos and videos of his voting experience, in which he was forced to write-in himself.


Surprisingly, according to the New York Times live election tracker, West is actually getting more votes than anticipated. In some states, he’s even breaking three or four figures! However, it seems as though he’s getting votes primarily in states where Trump is leading and projected to win—which was probably not his intended goal.


Given his apparent egotism and hubris, people are assuming that ‘Ye is still holding out hope for an eleventh-hour win, despite literally all of the evidence to the contrary. As such, many are wondering how Kanye is holding up on election night, as evidenced by the various jokes and memes circulating on Twitter.


To add insult to injury, it would appear that Kanye’s own wife, Kim Kardashian West, voted for Biden. In addition to liking a tweet from rapper Kid Cudi endorsing the former vice president, the reality TV star seems to be making her position clear.


But when all is said and done, whoever wins or loses—Jimmy Kimmel may have tweeted the most accurate prediction of the night: “Excited to find out whose acceptance speech will get interrupted by Kanye.”

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