Kamala Harris Third Debate 2020

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Kamala Harris is cackling at her own jokes—and people have a theory why

She’s in a mood, that’s for sure.


David Covucci


Let’s just say… something is up with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) tonight.

Whether it was over the mispronunciation of Pete Buttigieg’s name or Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend plan, Harris could be heard cackling, and cackling, and cackling.

And cackling.

But that was just the beginning of it. She got a little flustered and emotional while speaking with Beto O’Rourke about the shooting in El Paso.

Then, she called Trump a “really small dude” while making a tortured Wizard of Oz metaphor that didn’t exactly land.

She nonetheless loved it.

Harris laughed about her own joke there as well, while telling moderator George Stephanopolous she wasn’t talking about him (he’s short, too).

All in all it adds up to a lot of opinions.


Harris was once adamantly anti-marijuana. She’s since changed her tune.

Maybe a little too much?


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