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Jon Stewart rips apart the conspiracies over his ‘secret’ meetings with Obama

‘That sounds so much more awesome than what happened.’


Michelle Jaworski


Jon Stewart is usually the one mocking the news—but this time, he was the news.

The Daily Show got meta Wednesday night after a Politico report revealed that Stewart had “secretly” visited the White House multiple times during President Barack Obama’s tenure.

Having already addressed it on The Nightly Show, Stewart took to his home turf to address the media’s major case of FOMO as they speculated about what he and Obama discussed at the White House. The general consensus: Stewart was probably a propagandist, pushing Obama’s agenda on the innocent youth of America.

For starters, Stewart says was never under the impression that his visits were even secret. And if they were secret, he says, that’s only because the White House visitor logs documenting the visits were not available until recently. 

According to Stewart’s version of events, Obama asked him to visit, and he agreed. Once he was there, Obama scolded Stewart on turning America’s youth cynical, and after some back-and-forth, there was some salmon.

Now, if Stewart really did have a meeting with Elvis, Farrakhan, and the Area 51 alien—well, that’s something we’d pay to see, FOMO be damned.

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