Jake Paul goes on Fox News to talk politics, promote body spray, while Logan Paul faces off with Donald Trump ahead of podcast

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Jake Paul hypes upcoming Trump appearance on brother Logan’s podcast with Fox News hit

Are the Paul brothers pivoting to Trump?


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YouTuber and celebrity boxer Jake Paul went on Jesse Watters Primetime on Wednesday to talk about inflation, politics, and his older brother Logan’s TikTok with former President Donald Trump yesterday.

When Watters asked Jake Paul if he’d vote for Biden if he gave him beer, mocking a Washington Post article about how Democrats are trying to appeal to young voters, Paul laughed and said it would take more than that.

“To me it doesn’t have to do with Democrat or Republican, it’s about which president is going to fight for us, and who’s going to represent us in the best way possible. That’s really what the young people in America want. We want solutions, we don’t want all this marketing, we don’t want all the BS put in front of us,” Paul said.

“This is the smartest generation,” Paul continued. “We have the most access to information and knowledge out of any other generation, so you can’t fool us. We just want the truth and we want authenticity.”

When Watters followed up by asking him what solutions he was in favor of, Paul chuckled and said that that wasn’t his area of expertise. But he said he’s heard people are struggling with work, having trouble paying their mortgage, and dealing with inflation. He also said people are having trouble paying for school and not getting much value out of their degreees.

He also said that low-quality food was causing massive health problems in the country, before launching into a pitch for a body spray product he recently launched.

Jake Paul donated to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign in September last year, reported the Daily Dot earlier this year. He also promoted Republican presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in a vlog and on TikTok last September.

Jake Paul Donald Trump

Jake also discussed a TikTok Trump posted with his brother Logan.


Face off with @Logan Paul drops tomorrow…

♬ Way down We Go – KALEO

The TikTok showed Logan Paul, who’s the WWE’s United States Championship belt owner, facing off with Trump while his Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak. Majlak stood between the two men holding Paul’s championship belt before they all broke out laughing.

“My brother’s having Trump on his podcast,” Jake said by way of explanation for the post, “and I think that’s what’s important to young voters is, the president’s showing up, speaking their mind, saying how they’re going to help, and my brother’s invited Biden onto his podcast.”

Jake also said he wants Biden and Trump Jr. (though he seems to have misspoken) at his next fight, which will be against a to-be 58-year-old Mike Tyson in November.

“But who knows which president is actually going to show up, talk to the people, get into the weeds, and meet the young voters where they’re at and give them that representation, and give them that voice, and someone who’s going to fight for us,” Jake Paul said.

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