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Screengrab via EverythingApplePro

Let’s see just how far we’ve come.

If you’ve ever watched Apple reveal a new iPhone live, you know that the company loves to compare its latest and greatest smartphone to ones it’s released in years past—but Apple’s cute 30-second presentations have nothing on this ridiculously in-depth iPhone comparison that pits the iPhone 7 against every other iPhone ever made. 

Breaking down everything from how fast the phones turn on to how good the cameras are for low-light photography, this seven-minute clip is an extremely thorough look at just how much more advanced the iPhone 7 is than every phone that came before it. 

However, while the iPhone 7 definitely bests its predecessors in several tests–benchmarking the overall power of the phones is the clearest indication of that—the newest Apple smartphone still comes up short in a few areas. The iPhone 7 Plus, for instance, takes longer to start up than even the iPhone 6 and 6s, which is downright confusing. Likewise, launching the camera app on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus takes a tiny bit longer than on their immediate predecessors. 

What’s most amazing about this video comparison is how the original iPhone 2G compares to the iPhone 7. In many regards it’s like an ancient artifact, and its photos and power benchmarks are downright laughable at this point, but it still manages to beat some of newer devices in startup speed and even speaker output. I guess ol’ grandpa 2G can still teach these young whippersnappers a thing or two. 

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