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Clinton body double, Crypto Wars returns, Curvy teacher criticized: ICYMI

Important news you may have missed for Monday, Sept. 12.


Andrew Couts


Posted on Sep 12, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 1:03 am CDT

Here’s some news you may have missed…

Conspiracy theorists think Hillary Clinton dispatched a body double to take her place on the streets of New York on Sunday after the Democratic nominee was forced to leave a 9/11 memorial ceremony early due to her health. Clinton does have pneumonia, according to her doctor, which is causing a bit of tumult in the 2016 election. But using a body double to hide her illness? That’s just not true. 

The encryption debate is headed back to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, where the Senate Armed Services Committee will cover all things cyber. The hearing is expected to cover the newest incarnation of Congress’s attempts to gain access to encrypted communications. Expect a lot of lawmakers and other U.S. officials to say a lot of scary things about encryption.

Univision deleted six Gawker stories over the weekend to put to rest ongoing legal disputes with the publisher it now owns. Of course, this is the internet—nothing is truly gone, no matter how much you wish it so. A collection of the deleted posts is available here.

A fourth-grade teacher is under fire for the way she dresses. Paris Monroe has earned the nickname “Teacher Bae” thanks to photos of herself on Instagram in which she’s wearing a dress that leaves everything to the imagination, save her calves and feet. The attire has nonetheless sparked a wave of criticism because Monroe has curvy features. “I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters—which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them,” she told the Daily Dot.

Pepe the Frog is not a white supremacist meme, no matter what the alt-right might make you think. The cartoon frog, which first appeared in the 2008 comic Boy’s Club, has become a favorite of the internet’s Donald Trump-loving, minority-hating, meme-ruining base. But Pepe is not a partisan hack, and some meme lovers are trying to rescue him from the alt-right’s clutches.

May or may not be pneumonia-related.

May or may not be pneumonia-related.


The ACLU is going to call on President Barack Obama to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. —via Jason Koebler, Motherboard

Mic published an “off the record” email from Apple about its diversity problem. —via Melanie Ehrenkranz, Mic

The Mexican peso’s strength is a great way to tell how well Donald Trump is doing. —via Eric Martin, Bloomberg

Here’s the inside story of Hillary Clinton’s sick day. —via Glenn Thrush, Brianna Ehley, Politico

Trump doesn’t want debate moderators because the system is “rigged.” —via Nolan McCaskill, Politico

“Guccifer 2.0,” the self-proclaimed hacker of the Democratic National Committee, is going to teach people how to hack, live, on Sept. 13. —via The Future of Cyber Security Europe

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*First Published: Sep 12, 2016, 8:09 pm CDT