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Marc Nozell / flickr (CC by 2.0) | Remix by Max Fleishman

The GOP debate is off to a weird start



Patrick Howell O'Neill


If you missed Saturday night’s Republican debate, you missed the absolute strangest minutes of the entire 2016 election.

The introduction of the candidates hit a inexplicable pile up when Ben Carson stood in the wings while other candidates walked by him. It took at least three separate introductions to get Carson on the stage. Donald Trump, who was stalled behind Carson, took roughly four introductions to get on stage. 

If you think you’re confused right now, just watch how the candidates reacted:

Laughter could be heard in the hall, in the media room, and online. But the palpable awkwardness in the room led to another weird turn: The debate moderators forgot to invite Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the stage.

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Photo via Marc Nozell/Flickr (CC by 2.0) | Remix by Max Fleishman

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