Google now lets you immediately access and delete your search history



Google has unveiled a new feature today that immediately lets users access and delete their search history within search itself. Users can now also learn how to control Google’s access to user data in conjunction with Google apps and ads.

Under the new overhaul, users can immediately access their Google search settings by simply heading to the “Settings” tab in their Google search and clicking “Your data in Search.” The features are also available under “Control your data in Google Search” on the search engine’s homepage.

From there, a page shows users’ immediate search activity, explains how Google’s search function works, and lets users delete search activity data from the last hour or throughout their entire Google history.

Google displays users' most recent searches. Ana Valens

Users can also turn off Google activity controls, voice recording, and ad personalization. A new video from Google demonstrates some of the features accessible through the new page and provides more information on how the company uses individuals’ search history in conjunction with other users.


Privacy (or lack thereof) remains a major concern with consumers, particularly after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed 50 million users had their personal data accessed for political research purposes. Google has since faced a privacy scandal of its own after the company refused to disclose that a Google+ glitch left users’ data vulnerable to exploitation. At the time, Google feared disclosing the security issue due to concerns about “immediate regulatory interest,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Ana Valens

Ana Valens

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