Fake Jordan Peterson meat-only diet book at the top of Amazon’s ‘Toxicology’ section (updated)

Peterson and his daughter are the listed authors of the book, but Peterson's daughter says they didn't write it.


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Posted on Oct 26, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 12:31 am CDT

A book alleged to have been written by Jordan Peterson, the controversial, conservative self-help guru, and his daughter Mikhaila, is at the top of Amazon’s “Toxicology” section. According to the book, the pair’s “lion diet”–which consists of beef, salt, and water–cured their health issues, depression, and has even led to weight loss.

“Cult leader Jordan Peterson and his grifter daughter’s book about how eating only beef and salt will cure you of cancer is currently number one in the toxicology section of Amazon,” free speech activist Nathan Boonard pointed out, tweeting a screenshot of the book’s Amazon page.

Upon seeing Boonard’s post, Mikhaila Peterson took to Instagram to debunk that the book, called Our Carnivore Diet, was written by them.

“Not my book. Not @jordan.b.peterson’s either. Duh,” Peterson wrote on her Instagram. “Great pics though. I’ll make headlines properly when I publish my real book. #toxicology.”

Nevertheless, it is widely known that the Petersons do in fact live by an all-beef diet. In February, Peterson tweeted a bikini pic to her dad to publicly prove that she looked healthy, despite her carnivorous diet.

The book is likely poking fun at the duo for their diet.

“I can see the constipation on their faces,” Konstantine Anthony tweeted.

Twitter user @MattYoungmark noted that it’s actually not that hard to earn a top spot on the not-so coveted section.

“Also worth noting that Amazon’s ‘toxicology’ section does not have a lot of books in it and the sales rank on this one indicates that it sold roughly 9 ebooks today to earn that spot,” MattYoungmark wrote.

The book has since fallen to No. 5 in “Toxicology,” but it still has managed to secure a No. 2 spot in the “Pharmacology Toxicology” section.

Amazon did not respond to the Daily Dot’s inquiry about why the Petersons are listed as the authors of the book.

Correction: The Petersons deny authoring the book.


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*First Published: Oct 26, 2019, 1:52 pm CDT