Facebook bullying users into downloading its Moments app

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Probably not the best tactic.

Facebook hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to endearing itself to its mobile users. The social media network rather abruptly stopped supporting the messaging feature on its mobile site, forcing users to download its secondary Messenger app.

The company is trying a similarly passive aggressive tactic when it comes to Moments. According to the Verge, Facebook is threatening to delete all the photos its quietly synced to private albums set up for users to cull from. That auto-sync feature recently left the main Facebook app and is now only available on Moments.

A social media user named Alexis recently tweeted the announcement that Facebook had made threatening to delete over 12,000 of her photos.

There is an alternative to simply accepting the mass deletion for what it is. Facebook offers users the ability to download a zip of all the photos it’s kept. That means that users still have an out and don’t necessarily have to download Moments, so long as they’ve downloaded their photos in time. Users have until July 7 to make a decision when it comes to the may photos Facebook has saved that they may have previously been unaware of.

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