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Facebook invented Friends Day and it’s giving everyone a custom video to celebrate

Because you don’t already spend enough time on Facebook.


Selena Larson


Happy Friends Day! Or rather, happy arbitrary fake holiday Facebook just spontaneously made up to celebrate its birthday!

In honor of entering its sunset year of adolescence, Facebook rolled out Friends Day videos, one-minute compilations that take a walk down your photo memory lane.


With melodic music and anonymous hands placing snapshots of your life on Facebook on top of a blank white space, these new clips are not as melancholy or nostalgic as Facebook’s previous user videos, but they’re still aimed at tugging your heartstrings. 

You can edit your video and choose which photos you want to include, but, at least in my personal experience, Facebook has done a decent job of selecting frequently-messaged friends, and showing photos of positive experiences and comments from your birthday. Of course, the algorithm might trip up and show you someone or something you don’t want to see, which is why that edit feature exists to begin with. 

Get your own Friends Day video by visiting Once the video is created, you can click on “Edit,” to change or add photos, or share it directly to your friends on Facebook.

Illustration via Max Fleishman

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