settlement letter

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The network was ordered in 2013 to pay out a $20 million settlement.

Facebook is sorry about that whole privacy violation thing—and it wants you to have $15.

The money is coming to users who were involved in a 2011 class-action lawsuit against Facebook. The company used user names and photographs in sponsored posts without asking the users first. In 2013 a judge ordered the company to pay the plaintiffs a $20 million settlement in damages.

Now, following appeals, Facebook is finally sending out these settlement checks $15 at a time. The recipients are understandably amused.

Of course, $15 isn’t a lot of scratch for a multi-billion-dollar company that abused your private information, but at least it’s something. Payments were sent out on Nov. 17, so keep your eyes peeled to the mail. You may have some apology money coming your way from your favorite social media site.

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