'The plot to steal 2024': Election integrity summit sparks conspiracy theories


Election Integrity summit’s venue choice sparks conspiracy officials are openly trolling 2020 doubters

They think it’s all about stopping Trump.


Claire Goforth


Election officials, politicians, and media are gathering in Washington, D.C. for the Summit on American Democracy. Conspiracy theorists are convinced the summit is actually part of a plot to steal the 2024 presidential election.

The Summit on American Democracy is hosted by the nonprofit Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR). It’s billed as a forum “to discuss pressing issues, and share actionable ideas to further strengthen our democracy in a bipartisan and nonpartisan way.”

Agenda items include panels and presentations about lessons learned from recent elections, accuracy and maintenance of voter rolls, and whether ballots can or should be counted faster.

Conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer has been one of the loudest voices sounding the alarm about the summit. “The steal of 2024 is being planned in plain [sight],” Loomer tweeted last week.

Loomer believes its true aim is to ensure former President Donald Trump doesn’t win in 2024.

“This is an ELECTION FORTIFICATION EVENT TO STOP TRUMP!” Loomer tweeted from outside the event on Monday.

The summit was announced weeks ago and is being livestreamed on YouTube. That hasn’t stopped election conspiracy theorists from characterizing it as “secret.”

“Please watch them plan on how to steal the 2024 election or how to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win,” tweeted one.

“Election Operatives (including the election ‘officials’ who ran Arizona’s corrupt, criminal election) are Secretly Meeting At DC Spy Museum,” failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake tweeted a week ago.

There is no evidence that Arizona’s 2020 or 2022 elections were corrupt or criminal. Multiple audits, including the infamous one performed by Cyber Ninjas, confirmed that President Joe Biden won the state in 2020.

Others take issue with the bipartisan list of speakers, which includes Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), George Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger (R); Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D); and Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates (R).

One opined that it is “highly inappropriate and partisan behavior” for Raskin to speak alongside Raffensberger. The men belong to different political parties.

A conspiratorial blogger wrote that the bipartisan list of speakers includes “[v]irtually ALL of the 2020 election villains that you’ve come to know, and love.”

The fact that Mark Zuckerberg donated millions to CEIR has also been a source of consternation. The far-right Gateway Pundit blasted a headline about the “secret Zuckerberg funded” summit.

“This is exactly why 2020 needs to be rectified. Scoundrels like Zuckerfuck got away with their steal in 2020,” tweeted one.

But it’s the choice of location that has also rankled election conspiracy mongers.


Loomer wrote that the summit is being held at the International Spy Museum as part of an “effort to openly mock election integrity advocates who they have dismissed and defamed as ‘conspiracy theorists.’”

The International Spy Museum rents event space for occasions ranging from conferences to bar mitzvahs to weddings.

The Summit on American Democracy will continue livestreaming on YouTube tomorrow.

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