Edward Snowden hates Google’s new messaging service

illustration of edward snowden


Not only is Google‘s latest chat app a disappointing and poor excuse for a free messaging service, but the tech giant backtracked on a promise to not store your conversations upon its debut.

Former NSA contractor, whistleblower, Oliver Stone muse, and current Russian stowaway Edward Snowden took to Twitter this week to send a clear message: “Don’t use Allo.” He got in a nice zinger too, calling the service “Google Surveillance.” 

Writes the Next Web: “Google backed off of the previously announced privacy feature and opted to store all non-Incognito messages by default. This is a complete 180 from its original plan and it never formally announced the change. In fact, we only found out after Allo’s public launch.” 

Better yet, writes the Dot’s Mike Wehner: “It also totally sucks, and there’s virtually no reason to even consider using it.” 

Back to sending stickers and memes to your fantasy football thread on Facebook Messenger then—as you were.

H/T the Next Web

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