People are bidding thousands of dollars for the iPhone 6 on eBay

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Are you super psyched about the iPhone 6? Do you feel like a little kid on Christmas morning who needs to get one now-now-now-now? Yeah, me too, I guess? I don’t know. (I mean, I’m human. I watched the keynote and oohed and aahed and made scarf jokes on Gchat just like everyone else. But still, life goes on and work deadlines must be met and bills must be paid, and so on and so forth.)

However psyched you might be about the release of the iPhone 6, however, you’re definitely not as excited as these folks on eBay, who are bidding thousands of dollars on a phone that came out literally a few hours ago today. The highest asking price for an unlocked iPhone that’ll ship today appears to be about $2,900. (For the record, the iPhone 6 on the Apple Store website retails for about $199, $299, or $399, though depending on your contract it’ll likely cost much more.)

The owner of this Japan version is asking for $2,600:


This one has 21 bids, delivers today, and the highest bid is at $1,475:

And this iPhone 6 Plus in space grey has 59 bids, with the highest one at $2,247:


Listen: The iPhone 6 literally became a thing you could buy today. Don’t any of you have children whose college tuitions you need to save up for? No? OK, carry on.

Photo by William Hook/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)


EJ Dickson

EJ Dickson

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