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‘I​​’m earning 30% less’: Dunkin’ subreddit spirals as the company’s new points system devalues Mobile Monday

Monday isn’t worth what it once was.


Jacob Seitz


The Dunkin’ subreddit is in a tailspin.

Users on the r/DunkinDonuts reacted over the weekend to news that the company was revamping its rewards program and, as some users calculated, devaluing their points.

“I​​’m earning 30% less points compared to the old system,” one user wrote. “I’m making LESS points and unlocking LESS rewards thanks to this new stingy system.”

The turmoil comes after Dunkin rolled out a new nationwide rewards program last week with the goal of “more food and beverage rewards” and “increased flexibility on when and how guests choose to use their points.”

But some users are noticing the rewards are harder to get than before. 

“I had 199 points on Monday and I was 1 point away from a free drink,” one user said. “Now I have 349 points, but it costs 900 points for the same drink I would have gotten for 200 before. This sucks. No more DD for me.”

According to the release announcing the new program, customers now get “10 points for every $1 spent compared to 5 points” and rewards start at “150 points instead of 200 points.”

But customers are complaining that the desirable perks require more points than before.

Of particular concern was Mobile Monday and the points received for mobile ordering at the beginning of the week.

“If you needed 200 points for a free drink under the old system and mobile mondays was 100 fine. Under the new system 500 points for a drink mobile mondays should be worth 250. 100 points is a slap in the face under the new reward system.”

One user even screamed, “Are you f****** serious” at the new Mobile Monday system. Another, though, said the change was likely designed to cut down on people who only went to Dunkin’ on Mondays for the points.

‘Some folks on this Reddit site have said they only went on Monday for the 100 points on Bonus Mondays. For those customers Dunkin will be happy to rid themselves of you, to be honest,” they wrote.

A couple posters said they would trim their number of trips per week.

“What a huge blunder because even I will quitting my 4-5x trips to Dunkin each week. Now it becomes a treat maybe once a week,” one user wrote. “It’s no longer about achieving that free drink anymore. I’ll be saving money now, as I brew my own coffee at home.”

Other users said they took away a free drink on birthdays.

“They really took away the free birthday drink?? That really sucks,” one user said. “I have about $30 in Dunkin gift cards right now, but once my gift cards are out I don’t see myself going there much anymore.”

At least one user was sick of the negativity towards Dunkin, saying the program wasn’t that big of a change.

“We get it. Go drink your coffee somewhere else smh. It’s not the end of the world,” they said

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