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Georgia grand jury foreperson’s old Pinterest board has far-right branding a potential indictment of Trump as witchcraft

But people on both sides agree it was a bad idea for her to go public.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Feb 22, 2023

The forewoman of the special grand jury investigating election meddling in Georgia in 2022 went public yesterday. Now a number of people on the right are attacking her and dredging up an old Pinterest board of hers, attempting to brand a potential indictment of President Donald Trump as the work of witchcraft.

Forewoman Emily Kohrs’ statements to the media have also inspired furious debate across the web.

Some are excited that, according to Kohrs, the special grand jury recommended indicting over a dozen people, including “names you would recognize.”

Others are concerned that she’s potentially putting the case at risk and making it more difficult to secure convictions. But plenty more have attacked her disposition and her old posts in the hope of discrediting both her and a potential case against the president.

Kohrs was the forewoman of the special local grand jury convened to look into whether election meddling by Trump and his associates in 2020 in Georgia rose to the level of criminal behavior.

The special grand jury was discharged last month. Some of its findings remain under seal.

Elie Honig, former assistant United States attorney, told Anderson Cooper that Kohrs going public is “a prosecutor’s nightmare.”

“Mark my words, Donald Trump’s team is going to make a motion if there’s an indictment to dismiss that indictment base on grand jury impropriety,” Honig continued. “She’s not supposed to be talking about anything, really.”

Why Kohrs granted interviews is unknown, but she spoke to outlets like CNN.

In one interview, Kohrs said that she “definitely heard a lot about President Trump, and we definitely discussed him a lot in the room.”

Kohrs added there “are no major plot twists waiting for you.

Olivia Troye, a former national security official who also worked for former Vice President Mike Pence, expressed concern for Kohrs’ well-being, given the volume of right-wing vitriol that exploded against her in the past 24 hours.

“Really hope someone is advising Emily Kohrs on safety & security precautions for her own well-being,” Troye wrote. “Also really hoping that her decision to go public as a Georgia Grand Jury foreperson, about one of the most significant cases for our country, doesn’t hurt the outcome in the end.”

Trump’s allies and supporters are in a frenzy over Kohrs giving interviews to multiple media outlets and have taken a number of different angles to attack her.

Dan Bongino posted a clip of one of her interviews and cryptically claimed that she “unintentionally discredits U.S. legal system.” In the video, Kohrs talked about wanting to subpoena Trump in part because she was responsible for swearing in witnesses. “I thought it would be really cool to get 60 seconds with President Trump,” she said.

A Truth Social user opined without evidence that Kohrs’ comments were “scripted nonsense” and urged people to “ignore” her.

Right-wing podcaster George Balloutine posted, “That is bias and this Grand Jury is corrupted!”

Charlie Kirk attacked Kohrs by posting a screenshot that’s purportedly from her Pinterest account. The pinned posts include information on astrology, crystals, and spells. “Emily Kohrs, the foreperson on the Trump grand jury in Georgia, really putting the WITCH in Witch Hunt,” Kirk told his 2 million Twitter followers.

Others in the right-wing media ecosystem made unfounded assumptions about Kohrs’ political views and personal life.

“Very sketchy,” one pundit noted.

On Wednesday, Trump weighed in. “Now you have an extremely energetic young woman, the (get this!) ‘foreperson’ of the … Special Grand Jury, going around and doing a Media Tour revealing, incredibly, the Grand Jury’s inner workings & thoughts,” he wrote. “This is not JUSTICE, this is an illegal Kangaroo Court…. All I did is make TWO PERFECT PHONE CALLS!!!”

The call, during which Trump pressured the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” enough votes for him to win the state, is widely viewed as one of the most compelling pieces of evidence of illegal behavior committed by him.

The District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, where the special grand jury was convened, has yet to announce whom they may criminally charge in the case.

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*First Published: Feb 22, 2023, 12:38 pm CST