lets you delete your entire internet presence in an instant


If you’re looking for a way to make sense of your web presence—even delete the entire thing—there’s now an app for that. Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck have created as a way to “clean up your existence.”

What that means is handing over your Google account login information and sifting through every account you have tied to your email address. There’s no mass delete function. Instead, it’s up to you to choose which account stays and which one goes. presents you with the option of keeping your account or adding it to a delete queue. This is where it gets tricky, as is still working on providing a plethora of unsubscribe and account deletion links. If the “delete” option is greyed out, that means that hasn’t gotten the right link yet, forcing users to head to a service’s respective website themselves in search of freedom.

For larger platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, links are already readily available through Smaller newsletters and your old college log-in information may never get integration. At the least, it’s a friendly reminder that your email is connected to a whole lot more than you think.

April Siese

April Siese

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