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‘Hes got Homelander tics now’: Ron DeSantis grinding his teeth during interview draws comparisons to The Boys villain

It’s uncanny.


Marlon Ettinger


With the Republican primary debate just around the corner, it’s do-or-die for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who continues plummeting in 2024 presidential primary polls

Some people on Twitter are noticing that he might not be handling the pressure so well.

In a video posted by Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser, DeSantis seems to barely be able to contain the tension when he’s asked about a recently leaked memo posted online by a company with close links to Never Back Down, a super PAC close to the DeSantis’ campaign. 

According to the New York Times, which first reported the memo, Never Back Down “has effectively taken over … [DeSantis’] presidential campaign.” The memo, posted on the website of a close advisor to the super PAC, lays out a strategy for the governor to follow to stand out on the stage, including attacking the surging Vivek Ramaswamy as a “fake” and defending former president Donald Trump, who won’t be on the stage, from an attack by Chris Christie.

Steinhauser asked DeSantis first about the idea that the “knives will be out” for him at the Republican primary debate on Wednesday. 

DeSantis gave the reporter a pained smile in response. Then, when Steinhauser asked a question about the memo, DeSantis can clearly be seen grinding his teeth as the question is asked.

“Hes got Homelander tics now,” commented Twitter user @lib_crusher in a retweet.

Homelander, played by Antony Starr in the Amazon Prime series The Boys, often responds to tension and anxiety by subtly grinding his teeth and blowing air out of his mouth while hearing a ringing sound.

“Starr clenches his teeth and or blows air into his lower lip and cheek area when homelander is trying to suppress anger or remain calm,” explained u/TlN4C in an r/TheBoys thread discussing the show.

“I cannot unsee him as homelander now, thanks,” wrote @Twitter user Joexor.

“I will never unsee it now” wrote Twitter user @D_Bowey.

“This is creepy how accurate it is” Twitter user @Spoopy0_0 wrote.

Twitter user @EliotETC jumped on the comparison by editing in the audio track from the show and zooming in on DeSantis, showing just how agitated and anxious he seems to appear.

“I bet that guy’s long dark nights of the soul are something else altogether,” commented Twitter user @DismalChips. “Those are the eyes of a man who stares daily into the abyss.”

DeSantis’ campaign didn’t respond to a question about whether DeSantis sees a resemblance to the character.

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