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Why Chinese soy tariffs are hilarious to Trump’s far-right base

‘Soy boys’ aren’t upset about this, despite what Trump fans might say.


David Covucci


The most fervent supporters of the president—the kind of far-right internet denizens who call Donald Trump their God Emperor—see no wrong in his actions.

In fact, they do more than that, foisting narratives and insight into his behavior that isn’t actually there, deifying him for having uncanny foresight that no mere mortal could hope to compete with, believing he is able to see outcomes dozens of moves ahead.

That’s where the term three-dimensional chess comes from. And in the tariff spat with China, Trump’s true believers see him not only helping America but owning the libs.

How so? With China’s retaliation to his tariffs.

When Trump declared that he would tax Chinese steel and aluminum, Beijing immediately announced they would hike prices on a number of American imports. Today, that was revealed to include soy. Why would something designed to hurt American farmers overjoy Trump’s base? Why would they be gleefully rollicking about over a tax on a heartland product?

Because, you see, soy is the beloved product of the left.

Over the past year, “soy boy” has become a de rigeur insult to anyone male on the left who is in the public eye. A soy boy—an entirely invented concept of a liberal, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian man—is inherently weak, as soy boys don’t get the requisite protein needed to be a man’s man. He is not the kind of alpha that allegedly dominates the right.

And now, a side effect of Trump tariffs is putting the screws to their favorite product.

Trump fans on r/the_Donald were equally delighted by the news.

soy tariffs

So was Trump playing chess to own the weak men of the left? Well, the tariffs did have an effect on the market, according to the Washington Post.

Soybean prices also plunged more than 5 percent as traders grappled with the possible closure of a market that bought roughly half of U.S. exports of the commodity last year.

That could make soy more expensive as growers attempt to recoup their losses on the Chinese market, frustrating the lives of soy boys who need the product to survive.

It could also make soy scarcer if farmers switch to other crops.

But, you say, it also might make soy cheaper to purchase, perhaps making life better for soy boys?

Unless, with soy cheaper, soy boys consume more soy, thus continuing to lower their testosterone and further emasculating them, making it easier for the right and Trump to own them.

See, the beauty of the chess game is that it never ends.

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