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Crass Casey DeSantis memes from pro-Trump influencers recirculate after Tucker Carlson says governor’s online effort helmed by ‘nastiest people ever’

Relations between Trump and DeSantis hit a new low.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Dec 19, 2023   Updated on Dec 19, 2023, 5:16 pm CST

Offensive memes about Casey DeSantis created by pro-Trump influencers are being shared online after Tucker Carlson said the DeSantis’ team’s online influence efforts were headed up by the “nastiest people ever.”

In an interview with Tim Pool at Turning Point USA (TPUSA), Carlson called Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) online supporters and influencers “the nastiest, the stupidest, and the most zero-sum people I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

Pool also questioned the DeSantis team’s strategy, saying that the behavior reflected poorly on DeSantis and agreed with another Carlson claim, that he wasn’t getting good advice from people in his orbit, citing the DeSantis high-heel boot meme.

DeSantis-world quickly went into overdrive online in response, slamming Carlson and bringing up times when Trump’s online supporters spread invective about DeSantis and his wife Casey.

Pro-DeSantis account @MaxNordau, who online Trump attack dog Laura Loomer has claimed is the burner account of DeSantis’ Press Secretary Brian Griffin, called Carlson’s statement “Soulless” and “Demonic” in a tweet.

He also shared a meme that he claimed Trump’s pro-influencer army the Dilley Meme Team made that insinuated Casey DeSantis was being sexually abused. 

The dedicated group of memers, led by Brenden Dilley, has made it their mission to take down DeSantis. 

“We will meme that disloyal dog into oblivion and make him permanently unelectable just like Ted Cruz,” Dilley once tweeted. 

“Can someone tell me the proper way to criticize the Trump campaign for making gang rape memes about Casey DeSantis?” the account wrote. 

The account went on to share other memes it claimed the Dilley Meme Team made that were hinting female Republicans engaged in group sex.

“DeSantis is a pedophile, DeSantis is a S.O.B., DeSantis killed his sister, Casey DeSantis faked cancer, Casey is a c-word, Memes of Casey getting gang banged, Trashing the young DeSantis children online,” posted @JoshPower80, listing some of the attacks on DeSantis he claimed had been launched on DeSantis supporters by “[senior] Trump campaign advisors and paid Trump social media surrogates.”

“Yet Tucker Carlson says DeSantis supporters on social media are the nastiest, stupidest people he’s ever seen,” @JoshPower80 went on. “Why are you lying and trashing DeSantis supporters while turning a blind eye to all this? Very, very shady, unethical and dishonest.”

In response to the @MaxNordau account listing names of Trump’s online influencers, Trump supporter Richard Grennell said DeSantis was making an “enemies list.”

Other Trump supporters quickly struck back at DeSantis supporters’ characterizations.

“DeSantis’ press secretary just called @TuckerCarlson “demonic,’” said Alex Bruesewitz about the post by the @MaxNordau account.

Bruesewitz is a Republican political consultant who backs Trump and runs a political agency called X Strategies LLC. “Thank you for making Tucker’s point about your disgusting team. DeSantis campaign staffers will be permanently unemployed in politics come March,” he wrote.

The back-and-forth marks another low in relations between Trump and DeSantis. The two men once routinely praised one another, and Trump’s endorsement of DeSantis was widely credited with winning him the Republican gubernatorial primary before he was elected governor.

Once DeSantis decided to run for president though, the attacks on him came hard and fast, with polls appearing to show a tight contest between the men.

Since then though, the Republican base has consolidated around Trump, and he enjoys a commanding lead in the polls.

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*First Published: Dec 19, 2023, 2:48 pm CST