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There is nothing bad about this app that sends you cat selfies all day

The world needs more cat photos and animal shelters. Candid Catmera helps make more of both.


John-Michael Bond


Cat photos are wonderful. These documents of our goofy furry friends provide endless joy for people of all ages. The only problem with cat pictures is that someone has to be around to take them, leaving your workday full of wasted opportunities while you’re away from your pets. While this reality is harrowing, there is a solution: Introducing Candid Catmera, an app that helps your cat take selfies and gives money to charity all in one neat package.

While you’re away, Candid Catmera attracts your cat’s attention via sound. When it detects your cat, it loads a game that encourages the cat to play. While the cat is playing, your iPad takes photos of the cat, and then sends them to you via text message. Your day is brightened by your fuzzy buddy, and your cat is entertained. Everybody wins, especially shelter animals.

One dollar of each download of this $2.79 app is donated to the SPCA, so your empowering of feline narcissism also goes toward helping shelter animals who don’t have loving owners. So you get more of this.

And the world gets more of this.

Head over to iTunes to download the Candid Catmera today.

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