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This robot dog is adorable, unbeatable, and a little unnerving

And it has really good balance to boot.


Selena Larson


Just in case you had any doubts about the robot pet you’re eventually going to beg for, Boston Dynamics is here to assure you that they will be durable, withstanding even the hardest kicks lobbed at their metal, programmable abdomens.

The robotics company that Google acquired in 2013, creator of the frightening “Big Dog” robot of our nightmares, released a video of its latest and greatest four-legged robot, aptly named Spot.

The robot is powered by electricity and moves with hydraulics, according to the company. And thanks to a sensor on its head, the little dog (or creature resembling some sort of animal that might actually maul us while we sleep) can wander tough terrain just as easy as walking through the office.

Spot weighs 160 pounds, or about the same as two German Shepherds. The robot is the smallest of the Boston Dynamics bunch, and you can see as it leaves its robot family just how different it is from the others.

Boston Dynamics

The robot walks through the office like it’s all NBD.

Boston Dynamics

To demonstrate the robot’s durability and balance, someone even tried to kick it over. Spot just catches himself and keeps on walking. 

Boston Dynamics

And if you prefer your robot pets (or overlords) to spend their days outdoors, Spot can enjoy a stroll through a rocky, forested area, too. 

Boston Dynamics

The whole video is cute, impressive, and a little bit unnerving. Though clearly not made for consumers quite yet, Spot does offer a glimpse into future pet ownership for the extremely allergic. 

H/T TechCrunch | Screengrab via Boston Dynamics/YouTube

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