Rep Nancy Mace in front of a winter scene


Did Nancy Mace use a misleading caption to hide the fact that she visited the Biden White House for Christmas?

The building or the city? Spelling matters


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Dec 6, 2023   Updated on Dec 6, 2023, 3:46 pm CST

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) faced scrutiny online Wednesday after posting a photo of herself posing in front of a White House Christmas tree.

Mace, a frequent critic of Democratic President Joe Biden, who once said that “every time Joe Biden has been asked about his family’s business, he’s lied,” captioned the photo “Merry Christmas from our nation’s Capitol,” leading some posters on X to believe she was trying to hide the fact she was actually at the White House.

“Wasn’t this picture taken at the White House and not at the Capitol?” wrote @bluepolitics_.  “Nancy Mace is a damn liar.”

Posters on X pointed out that the curtains in Mace’s picture matched those in the White House, and press photos of the White House also have a set of reindeer leaping through the air, which can be seen in the upper right section of Mace’s image.”‘

“You mean from the White House, right?” asked another poster.

Posters pointed out that the White House is in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, trying to parse whether Mace made a typo or was obfuscating.

Capitol does usually refer strictly to the Capitol building, where the House of Representatives and Senate meet. The city that houses the country’s government is the nation’s “capital,” as other X users were quick to point out.

“It’s capitAl, with an A, when you refer to a nation’s central city. Capitol means the Capitol building. ‘Our nation’s Capitol,’ with a capital C, means the building. If she meant Washington D.C. the correct term would be ‘Our nation’s capital,'” replied @bigmitt02.

“Do you lot spell capital ‘Capitol’?” joked @smithsimonMEN. “Is it like a ‘flavor’ thing?”

“The self-ownage here is *chef’s kiss*” wrote @permanent_rcrd.

Mace is a member of the House’s Oversight and Reform Committee and has frequently called for investigations into the Biden family to be deepened.

In October, Mace went on the Daily Show and said she’d seen bank accounts owned by Biden’s grandchildren with money that had come “directly from Communist China,” but didn’t provide any evidence of the fact.

Mace has also been subject to some media rumors that she’ll be Trump’s vice president pick in 2024, something she called ‘intriguing’ and ‘interesting.’

“I want Republicans to put women on the ticket: vice president, presidential,” she said in October.

If that does happen, Mace could post a photo from the White House without hiding where she was one day.

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*First Published: Dec 6, 2023, 2:57 pm CST